User Names and Passwords are more than half a century old, no longer secure, difficult to remember, prone to fraud, and do not authenticate the conducting party.  There is an urgent need to develop an effective strategy that moves from a reactive approach used by today’s security and behavioral software that attempts to identify the attack after Cybercriminals have already gained access to an Pro-active Security Posture that stops attacks before they begin.

Cyberfy’s captures unique biometric patterns that traditional biometric technologies are not capable of identifying.  Cyberfy  makes use of the ubiquitous Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and utilizing the smartphone’s front and back-facing camera and microphone to capture a conducting-party’s unique biometric patterns for authenticating the conducting party. Utilizing  multi-layered biometric pattern recognition technology  along with proof of life , Cyberfy provides unparalleled advantages over all existing login security solutions.






Palm back


Palm front


Finger prints





The Cyberfy Advantage:

  • Compatible and seamless integration with all smartphones  (BYOD)
  • Overcomes poor environmental conditions that affect biometric accuracy
  • Eliminates  biometric  data degradation  when transmitted over wireless networks.
  • Unique Speaker recognition technology  that uses proof of life
  • Biometric and Personal data are never stored on the smartphone.
  • Convenience. Nothing to remember, nothing to type.