From Compliance & Communications to Defensible Breach Response The The SML Group is a full service cyber security/risk assessment-consulting firm, specializing in: Privacy Audits, Standardized Vendor Compliance Audits (SVCA), Privacy Policies, Written Information Security Plans, and Data Breach Defensible Response Consultation.

In order to enhance the client experience, SMLR has established a  Global Alliance Partnership with Cyberfy Technologies and the Raytheon Cyber Products Company, a subsidiary of Raytheon Corporation to market Cyberfy’s entire line of security software, services and product solutions.



Founded in 2009 from a management spin-off of Unisys Global Financial Services, Kirey is an information technology company that offers Systems Integration and Consultancy Services. With its headquarters located in Milan and branch offices in Rome and Mogliano Veneto. With a staff of over 70 senior professional consultants, software analysts, software engineers and software developers, Kirey has a consolidated presence in Information Technology for financial institutions.
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