Cyberfy is a revolutionary cybersecurity solution conceived and developed in Israel in 2013  that  surpasses the most stringent security standards using multi-layered biometric, pattern-recognition authentication that stops cyber-attacks before they begin. Cyberfy achieves this goal by creating unique, non-tangible, biometric login credentials that authenticate the  conducting parties and not  their user name and password.

Cyberfy captures unique biometric patterns that traditional biometric measurement technologies are unable to identify. It utilizes the smartphone’s front and back facing camera and microphone to capture a conducting-party’s unique biometric patterns for authenticating the conduct party.

Traditional biometrics work by measuring the distances between unique characteristics’ features appearing on a fingerprint, palm print, or face. However, the number of measurements is limited and may lead to both false acceptances and rejections of users. In contrast, Cyberfy’s pattern recognition captures hundreds of unique patterns that appear on a conducting party’s fingers, palm, hand, and face.

The result is an unmatched level of accurate validation, with the capability to bring about major reduction in online fraud and identification theft.